[tagline tagtitle=”The Somali Development Center (SDC)” tagbutton=1 tagbuttonsize=”button-regular-large” buttonstyle=”green” buttonlink=”http://www.sdcboston.org/about” buttonlinktext=”More About SDC”]is the hub for resettlement information and support for Somalis and other African groups. [/tagline]


RESS Program


Road to Economic Self-Sufficiency (RESS) program is a culturally based education and employment program designed to educate and increase the employment opportunities for young Somali and East African adults.

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SWR Program

The Somali Women Rising (SWR) Program  is designed to empower Somali and other East African refugee women to live successfully in their American community, and encourage self-sufficiency.


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Social Services

Somali Development is a Social Service Agency and provides Post-resettlement community services such as housing search assistance, advocacy, interpretation and translation.

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Welcome to the Somali Development Center

Do you need help adjusting to life in America? If so, you have come to the right place. Need to learn English language and literacy skills, find housing or employment or require support around immigration and citizenship filing?

The Somali Development Center is the hub for resettlement information and support for Somalis and other African groups. Our staff is bilingual and bicultural Somali Americans making us uniquely placed to address your culture specific needs.

We provide culturally supportive programs and services to meet your evolving needs. The Road to Economic Self Sufficiency and Somali Women Rising are comprehensive programs which focus on breaking down barriers for young adults and women who, given the correct support and guidance, have the greatest potential to take advantage of opportunities and thrive in America. Other core services include housing assistance, health care and public benefits, support for citizenship preparation, English language, basic literacy instruction and employment training for youth and adults and, interpretation and advocacy in court rooms.

Our goal is to strengthen the Somali community by developing the capability of Somali individuals and families, and increasingly clients from other African communities, to be self-sufficient, productive citizens in America.

The Somali Development Center (SDC) is a 501 c 3 organization with a mission “to provide consistently excellent and accessible community services to all Somalis in the Greater Boston area”.





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