RESS program is a culturally based education and employment program designed to educate and increase the employment opportunities for young Somali and East African adults. RESS is their bridge to success and economic self-sufficiency.

This year long program includes:

English Language and Literary Training:

Participants need English skills to enter the workforce. Classes address educational needs and build communication awareness.

Job Skills Development Workshops:

Weekly workshops are designed to help participants improve their social skills to help them be successful at work and in the larger US society. Building their knowledge and understanding of how to search for work, prepare for an interview and general information and guidance on the employer/employee relationship especially around expectations on punctuality will be addressed in these workshops.

Employment Search:

This will include labor exchange activities associated with obtaining employment for all program participants. Skills matching (hard and soft), job candidate qualification, job coaching, and job counseling are all part of the support provided. We work in close collaboration with Boston Career link on these important services and education/training for our clients.

Counseling Support:

Each client has an RESS case manager who will work closely with them to develop an individual plan. The case manager will also assist gathering documents required for employment which is often a barrier to job readiness.

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Computer Literacy:

Our goal is to give you a solid foundation which you can use to search for jobs and use in future employment. Once you have understood these basics, you will have a clear understanding on which to build your future knowledge of and skill with computers.

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