About SDC

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Somali Development Center (SDC)

Year established: 1996
Executive Director: Abdirahman A. Yusuf

205 Green Street
Jamaica Plain, MA02130
Tel: 617-522-0700
Fax: 617-522-7484
Website: www.sdcboston.org

Mission statement
The mission of Somali Development Center is to provide consistently excellent and accessible community services to all Somalis (and other African communities) in Boston, regardless of immigration status. These services help Somalis (and other African communities) in Boston, to obtain the basic resources, services, information and skills needed to build productive and self-sufficient lives in a new land. While strengthening the Somali community by promoting mutual assistance, cultural identity and leadership, SDC fosters the ability of Somali individuals and families to advocate on their own behalf and participate constructively in the larger community.

Service population’s country (or countries) of origin: Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Liberia, Guinea, Ghana, Djibouti

Service population’s most pressing needs:
1. Post-resettlement community services such as housing search assistance, advocacy, interpretation and translation
2. Basic adult literacy program and citizenship assistance
3. Youth employment, crime prevention and general youth adjustment issues
4. Elder care services
5. Newcomer orientation & acculturation related issues
6. Employment services including job readiness training and job search
7. Legal assistance in the areas of immigration, welfare, housing, domestic violence, and advocacy in the courts
8. Maternal-child health issues, health education and health care access in general
9. Mental health counseling and crisis intervention
10. Access to resources and information provided in constituents’ native language

Board of Directors

Abdillahi Abdirahman, President
Ayaanle Hassan Farah M.Ed, Secretary
Jama Y.Abshir, CPA, Treasurer
Nasir Arush, MBA
Rooshey Hasnain, PHD
Elaine M. Barlas, J.D, M.Ed

Agency Staff

Abdirahman. A. Yusuf, Executive Director
Dana Jeanblance, Deputy Director, NH
Ahmed M. Mohamoud, Social Services Coordinator, Boston
M. A. Mohamed, Interpreter/Outreach Worker, NH
Hawa A. Kulmiye, Outreach worker, Chelsea, MA
Ali Tabouth, Basic Adult Education Teacher, Boston
A. A. Nur, Health Services Manager, Boston
Safiya Hassan, ESOL & Citizenship Teacher, Boston
Hiba Hashi, Women’s Health Educator, Boston
Ali Khalid, Interpreter, NH