The Somali Women Rising Program is designed to empower Somali and other East African refugee

women to live successfully in their American community, and encourage self-sufficiency. This year-long

program offers women language and literacy education and life skills classes in a culturally-safe space

that builds tangible English and social skills.


Literacy and Language Support:

Many Somali women are only minimally literate in their primary language. They lack the skills to transfer

knowledge into English, since the education they received in their home countries did not teach basic

language concepts. Somali-speakers will aid such students’ understanding and thereby expedite the

English language acquisition process. This is a critical learning aid often unavailable in most other ESOL

programs. Classes are held twice a week for two hours.


Social Services and Life Skills:

Program participants require moral support above all other needs, in order to manage the difficult

transition into American life. This weekly group will build tangible life management skills for women,

enable them to connect with other Somali and East African women in transition and improve their self-
esteem. It offers a forum to freely express yourself in ways you cannot in other community settings,

hold honest discussions about relevant life issues and engage in teambuilding activities. This weekly

workshop will help build and extend support systems with women in your community.


Counseling Support:

Each woman will also work with a female case manager who will work closely with them to develop an

individual plan. The case manager will also assist with documents required for employment which is

often a barrier to job readiness. Women are also encouraged to discuss any issues or concerns around

domestic violence either with the case manager or in the workshops.


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